About The Blogger

Hello! I'm Starria. Atlanta native for all 25 years of my life. I write three things on this blog: Writing, Technology and Fandom and yes, the acronym is very much intended. I love fandom, I love technology and I am very much of a writer.

A bit more about me, I went to school in Decatur, spent a few years post-High School trying to figure out what to do with my life. Did a stint in Job Corps and then did Year Up. Skills in hand, I am working on making my own place in the world.

I am a help desk technician by trade, front end designer and developer by hobby and an [traditional/digital/makeup] artist by heart. So feel free to ask me anything - I don't call myself a Jane of All Trades for no reason. I know the dank memes and how the old internet was so that's another conversation point.

This blogs are no BS reviews, layman tutorials and opinion pieces on things that make up my world: WTF. So come in, make yourself comfy, leave a comment, ask a question. Dig through my archives for something to read or talk to me on social media via twitter, tumblr, facebook, instagram and snapchat!

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