February 7, 2017

5 Ways to Use Pinterest Outside The Norm

I love pinterest but as with much of what I love, it has a bit of a reputation. Not a bad reputation but Pinterest is generally considered the place to plan a wedding, get ideas on how to interact with children and other girly girly things. I admit to indulging some of that but that isn’t the only thing Pinterest is about. It’s more of a public notebook hub in a way that OneNote wishes it could be.

As follow up on my previous post about Pinterest, How to Pinterest the Geek Way, I am going to lay down 5 uses for Pinterest outside of child-rearing and daydreaming.

1. Fandom

Pinterest is a huge place to be a fan, especially if you aren’t an active fan. Yes, there are no discussion boards and really, to get the freshest content, it’s better to follow a fan blog on tumblr but in terms of getting pictures and fanart all in one place, Pintrerest is it. I love using Pinterest for Anime since it’s so visual but also for my favorite k-pop band. The memes and such are a little outdated but for every outdated meme, there is one more new one you can save to your board.

2. Beauty

Bear with me here. I use instagram quiiiite a bit and follow all the big brands but if I want to learn how to do something – like how to knot my natural hair – I look to Pinterest. Yes, instagram has little mini tutorials and yes, I can check youtube for something a bit longer but let’s take most of the human element out of it and look at pictures. There is a greater presence for WOC on Pinterest [don’t let the trending page lie to you, hun] and it’s not as hard to sort through the cruft and irrelevant like it is elsewhere. Don’t get me started on the makeup tutorials!

3. Gaming

Who here plays any of the Sims games? /raises hand Now if you think for a minute that the idea for great house builds come out of no where, I want you to wash your face after you pull your head out of your butt. Expert builders in the Sims games have huge source material they pull from because it’s not just enough to build from the top of your head, you need ideas. Same goes to those who make machinima and great sims – they collect links to Custom Content [CC] and other resources they need and it’s presented in a visual way so they can remember what they needed it for.

4. Programming

Did the earth quake or are you just shook? Yeah, you can use Pinterest for programming. How? Article and resource curation. Yes, you can just save it Pocket [which is a good idea if you need that code snippet offline] but in the manner of collecting resources, Pinterest to the rescue! Going further, since Pinterest has this handy dandy recommendation engine when you look at an individual pin, which is better than Pockets to be completely honest, you can find more of the same like  infographics and other articles that relate to what you are trying to learn.

5. Writing and Blogging

No one brings this up but it’s important. If you are a newbie getting into blogging, you have to get on Pinterest. Why? Because it’s the best way to find tutorials. Yes, most of the blogs connected to Pinterest are mommy blogs but there are ton of copywriting, B2B bloggers  and straight up writers who have pined or had their articles pinned to pinterest. It’s one thing if you need specific help with something, it’s another if you don’t know where to start and Google keeps pulling up all these pop-up ridden blogs whenever you look up ‘how to blog’. I got a lot of help from looking through Pinterest for help with fiction writing and blogging

In Conclusion

What I am getting at here that Pinterest is the place to be if you want a curated recommendation place to find ideas, inspiration, resources and so much more. I challenge you to get on pinterest, make an account and to just save everything that catches your eye. Just search one thing and let it lead you to another thing and another and another and another, deeper down the rabbit hole. This is Starria and I am off to go waste the next 5 hours on Pinterest.
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