August 8, 2016

Update - Things Have Changed

So yes, it's been a while.

I completely abandoned the 100 post blog challenge - I just wasn't feeling it and I got far too busy. A lot of things have changed.

So I have finished Learning and Development at Year Up [yay!] and it's off to internship for me. I was originally assigned to work at Gas South as a Customer Service Rep.

Not dissing that but I was a bit uneasy about it. Not so much the job itself but what it implied about me. I went to YU on the programming/web development/quality assurance. By my own estimation/observation, I completely sucked at it. Well, web dev was fine, it's the scripting/QA that screwed me over. 

I didn't do well in my technical courses but alright with the Business Comm courses [Public Speaking, etc] so they put me in a customer service job. Was I not worth pushing into something techy? Have I wasted my time?

So yes, a bit of depression after that but then the final week, I was moved elsewhere. I was moved to work at Emory University's Goizueta Business School. My title is Tier 1 Tech Support and I rather like it. I am doing what I like and I pretty much get along with my colleagues. 

So what does that mean for this blog?

Well for one, more regular updates since I am not super busy [though that can change once haze week is over] and I have more stories to tell. Tech support is a funny thing and internship is even funnier at times so I am starting a new series - Adventures of the Lost Intern and update it as I go along. 

So see you guys next post!

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