March 24, 2015

ME!ME!ME! : The Otaku Acid Trip Review

So I was over a friend's house and she brought up a video that she was doing a class project on but thought I was like. It was called ME!ME!ME! and was a music video for Teddyloid with animation by Studio Khara. Hm, one of my favorite DJs and one of the most insane studios I like. There clearly is nothing wrong with this. What's the worst that can happen?


So before I get into it, let me drop some info on you. ME!ME!ME! is the third anime short released for the Japan Animator Expo. With music by Teddyloid featuring lyrics by daoko, the music video is animated by Studio Khara and was released November of 2014. Since then, the music video has been subject to intense scrutiny from not only 4chan's /a/ board but also reaction videos from the Fine Bros and immortalized with an article on KnowYourMeme. Fanart and animations have been made and one can't help but wonder, what's the big deal?

The summary of the video on the official website is totally unhelpful: "You are attacked and ravished by many girls. Animation music video by Teddyloid x daoko x Studio Khara." Headscratching abound, I am going to tackle ME!ME!ME! with a rough summary and reaction and hopefully make a bit of sense of it all.

Please remember that this video is more than a little NSFW [not safe for life sometimes, to be honest] and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 due to nudity, violence [with gore] and sexual themes.

Verse 1

So ME!ME!ME! is divided into 4 acts, more or less. The story centers around two characters [technically 4 characters but since 2 only exist in one's mind, it's only 2 I am going to really examine], one of which is Shuu, our protagonist.
Man, this looks FAMILIAR...

He's your stereotypical otaku - messy room with anime on his tv with figmas [nice Eva shoutout] and cosplay littering his room. While he spaces out we are drawn into his TV with Meme [pronounced May-May].
The whole time I am watching this I go 'owowowowowow'

Meme is the cliche anime hot chick with a rack clearly unrestrained by a bra, a cute butt and absolute territory that would make anyone jealous. Her world is pastel and bright but it soon turns dark.
Well that escalated quickly...

With a heavier dubstep beat and a change into a way more lewd outfit [if I can even call the body chains and skintight bodysuit an 'outfit'], the anime world darkens, revealing it's lewd underbelly. After being accosted by a masked girl, Shuu wakes up.
Every otaku dreams of being attacked by a nude girl. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.

Or does he? The masked girl follows him out of the tv and corners him in front of his bookcase. With Shuu's figmas suddenly possessed and clinging to him, the girl takes off her mask to reveal a pretty girl underneath. She forces him down and vomits what looks like cum [excuse me for not looking too closely to find out if it is] into his mouth, heralding act 2. 

Verse 2

With a bunch of psychadelic images, we find ourselves introduced to a story that Shuu witnesses as a third person. Hana, a former friend [or girlfriend] of Shuu's is crying and upset.

This doesn't seem to bother Shuu much as he slinks away, unperturbed by her silent begging for him to come back. The Shuu watching this is disturbed and reaches for Hana but falls.
Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down

His reason for falling is revealed as the masked monster girl from earlier [who looks a lot like Hana, in retrospect] has completely eaten Shuu's lower body, scurrying away with an intestine still in her mouth as Hana approaches.

Still crying, she kisses Shuu and he recalls all the memories they made together. Hana turning into a masked demon marks the ending of Act 2. 

Verse 3

If you didn't know this was from people who worked at Gainax, Now You Know
Act 3 comes in with a scream and Shuu is suddenly encased in a mecha armor, restoring his lower body, and thrown into an alley. Posters of Meme line the wall as he stalks down the street.
[Aggressively hums Mr. Roger's Neighborhood theme song]

He comes upon Meme who attacks him but Shuu takes her down, exploding her into green bits. More Memes appear in this little first person shooter game and Shuu takes them all out except for one who nearly gets him, grabbing his gun and pressing her drooling, suddenly fanged mouth close to his face. With a shot to the cheek, Shuu kills her too.

Wiping the Meme goo from his face shield, he's reminded of Hana and that pulls him out of the game. His arm is cut off and flipping and hurling through space, he spots Hana. They reach for each other but don't manage to touch. Hana is pulled away and here comes Act 4.

Verse 4

Interstella555 has nothing on this
The final act has Shuu floating toward a massive spaceship. Inside is hundreds if not thousands of Memes lead by psuedo-Hana who has the real Hana tied up. Fake Hana absorbs Hana and morphs into her final [?] form.

The Memes start using their boobs to shoot at Shuu who curls up to use his own offensive maneuvers. A massive battle happens but in the end, Shuu looses, the Meme's ballistics taking out his lower torso and arms once more leaving him to be nothing more than a chest and a head.
I really think he's panicking more because he doesn't have a dick anymore but yet has a boner.

The Memes greet him, much to his panic but the Fake Hana gets his mouth after taking off her mask. In tears, Shuu surrenders to the kiss. A moment and all that is left is Shuu's head which open it's eyes, eerily mirroring the opening of the video.
Don't lose your head, Shuu! /is shot

If you watched this on the Animator Expo website, the video would loop back to the start at this point, making a never ending cycle of psychosis.
Those eyes have seen some shit, man.


Now, as an anime fan and hobbyist artist, I frankly think Me!Me!Me! is the coolest fucking thing ever. The music is great, the art is great, the story is confusing as shit but damn awesome.
Clearly I watch this for the 'art' not to mention the 'plot'

That said, it does have little moments that just out and out annoy and confuse me. The cum vomit was beyond gross and the fact that none of the girls in the video seem to know what a bra is is a little eh but that's anime for you. I actually wouldn't mind seeing this as a full on anime if to find out what happened with Shuu and Hana's relationship.
If this isn't the quintessential anime cap, I would eat my hat. And I don't even have a hat. 

As for the interpretation, I have seen a lot of ideas on what the hell this video means. I honestly want to tell everyone to just shut up and enjoy the ruddy thing but this is the internet and we have these annoying little things called opinions. /sigh


The clearest interpretation to me is that Shuu has let the otaku lifestyle cut off his relationship with Hana. I have seen [and to be honest, has had] this happen in real life.
Every time I see her, I think of Orihime from Bleach for some reason...

As much hate weebs get, they haven't really fallen into the lonely life that is hardcore otaku have. Sure, we have our little community pockets in the form of forums/reddit/IRC/4chan but if one isn't careful about their life balance, they wind up just living their life for anime with figmas and body pillows and onaholes and waifu after waifu after waifu.

Cutting out real life contacts is bad and the otaku lifestyle can be unhealthy if gone about the wrong way.
#When she sees the D

That said, there is such a thing as a well adjusted otaku if one remembers that otaku just means someone with an obsession over a certain thing.
At this point I am just trying to use up all my screencaps

I would argue that my mom is a soap opera/drama otaku [she's rather close to an anime one with her love of Transformers though] while my grandma is an otaku for western shows [and by western I mean like cowboy shows and shit].
Don't let your waifu take over your life-fu

Otaku doesn't have to mean you give your life over to your obssessions and Me!Me!Me! is a cautionary [if highly melodramatic] tale of what happens if you do.


Aw look, it's all the Eva Waifus!
If you enjoyed Me!Me!Me! as much as I did, I really recommend you check out the other shorts in the Animator Expo. On the anime side of things, most of Studio Khara's works along with it's parent [?] company Gainax, have the same sort of demented animation including the Evangelion series and movies. As for the music, Teddyloid is a great artist and you can just pick up his albums on iTunes or watch shows that he has made music for like the Gainax produced anime, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.


Depending on how you look at it, ME!ME!ME! is either a highly enjoyable music video or an anvilicious story on letting your obsessions overtake your life. In true anime form, this is presented in the most over the top way that is as compelling as it is repelling. Like a car crash, I can't look away. But then, that's the moral of the story, isn't it?
#Chills Every Time
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